VBAC Planning

Private Class

This unique class will show you how you can work with your carers to prepare for and have a successful VBAC.

As a mother who has had a Caesarean and two vaginal births, preparing for VBAC (vaginal birth after Caesarean) is of particular interest to me.

In this class, we work through all aspects to prepare for a VBAC. Preparing yourself in the lead-up to the birth and understanding how to work with the hospital is essential. We will look at a birth plan for VBAC and a Caesarean and prepare for a positive experience however the birth unfolds.

The VBAC session was a total game changer for us. The session with Jules helped me fully understand the commitment and preparation that was required to give me the best opportunity to have a VBAC. It really helped me feel confident that I had everything I needed to give it my best.

Olivia and James