Induction Preparation

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If you’re concerned about having an induction, this class will help prepare you and put your fears to rest.

Many women worry about inductions. As a Doula, I have supported many couples through the induction process.

In this session, we talk about how to prepare for induction with some natural induction methods. We discuss how to work through each stage, what the birthing woman can do, and how her partner can support her to have the best possible outcome.

After hearing all the negative stories about inductions I was terrified. My partner and I had a private session with Jules on how to work though having an induction. She took us through the steps and the best way to manage each stage knowing how to apply all the birthing techniques, positions, when to be active and when to rest. Understanding that it could still be a positive experience helped me feel prepared, confident and excited to meet our baby.

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