Caesarean Planning

Private Class

Preparing for a planned Caesarean to make it a considered and positive experience.

Sometimes, giving birth by Caesarean section is necessary to ensure both you and your baby have the best chance of having a positive experience. In the Caesarean Planning session, you’ll gain an understanding of the process and discover how best to prepare for the birth.

In this class we discuss:

  • Fears about the birth
  • Breathing techniques
  • Preparing a Caesarean birth plan
  • Considerations for the early postnatal period

Having a planned Caesarean was not what I had hoped for, however due to some medical issues it was what I needed to do. I did a private session with Jules and it really helped me. Firstly to get to a place where I could accept it and then prepare to have everything in place to have my wishes met during the process. There were so many things I didn’t even know I could ask for and it helped me feel I had some choice and power in my birth.

Jen, Eddy and baby Mae

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