Birth Education

Acquire the knowledge and skills that you and your partner need to feel prepared, supported and confident about your birth experience.

With her vast experience, Jules offers a range of birth education classes tailored to your needs.

Health Practitioner Workshops

Group Class

Become confident in your practice with this one day training for health practitioners that work with pre and postnatal women.

Birth Preparation

Private Class

This general birth education class covers the most important things expecting women and their partners need to know.

Birth Preferences

Private Session

Learn how to articulate your Birth Preferences so your caregivers will know what is important to you during birth.

Caesarean Planning

Private Session

If you will be having a planned C-Section birth, this class will help make it a considered and positive experience.

Induction Planning

Private Session

Gain a greater understanding of the induction process and learn how it can be a much less daunting experience.

VBAC Planning

Private Session

The key to a positive VBAC experience is preparation. In this class we will support you to feel empowered.

Birth Debriefing

Private Session

Create the opportunity to unpack your birth experience. This is an opportunity to sit with an experienced woman in birth and have your story be heard.

The private education sessions with Jules were invaluable. Having the space to discuss our ‘birth preparation' with someone who has a depth of knowledge of birth and the hospital system really helped reduce our fears and supported us to feel prepared, confident and ready to give birth.

Ingrid and Jake

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