Calmbirth® Refresher

Private Class

Brush up on the Calmbirth® philosophy and techniques if you’ve previously attended a Workshop.

A private class can be done in your own home (in person or via Zoom), or at our rooms in Melbourne.

You will learn:

  • A recap of all the key Calmbirth® principles and techniques for all stages of labour
  • A discussion about your previous birth experience(s) and what things you would like to put in place for your next birth
  • A positive visualisation/meditation session

Thank you for the resources, and also for the refresher session. I’m so glad we decided to go ahead with this. Going through the birth and helping to piece together everything that happened was really important, and I appreciated the way you helped reframe some of the experiences. I really liked that you’ve given us a firm plan of when to head to hospital and to have greater confidence in working out where I am in the labour.

Sarah and David


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