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Develop your own Birth Preferences so your caregivers understand what care you’d like during your labour.

Birth Preferences has superseded a birth plan, because we know that even with the best care and intentions, you can’t always plan your birth experience. Instead, Birth Preferences helps you identify what is important to you during your labour and birth.

This class will help you develop your own Birth Preferences. It allows you to set out what options and steps you can take to achieve your best birth, and this becomes an essential communication tool for you to discuss and share with your caregivers so they know what is important to you during your labour.

The Birth Preferences session with Jules really helped my partner and I gain an understanding of what our options were and we were surprised how much control and choice we had. It allowed us to get on the same page with what my needs and expectations were in terms of support from the hospital and my partner. A definite must for birth preparation.


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