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Feel emotionally safe, physically cared for and enjoy a reduced risk of unnecessary birth interventions.

Jules is an experienced Doula and Childbirth Educator, Calmbirth® Practitioner, Birth Counsellor and the mother of three young adults. She provides help and support before, during and after your baby’s birth to ensure you have a positive experience, no matter how it unfolds.

Jules’ interest in working as a Doula was inspired by her own birth experiences. After having a Caesarean section and two natural births, she felt drawn to this work, wanting women to have better experiences.

Since completing her Doula training with Rhea Dempsey in 2001, Jules has worked in the public and private hospital systems, as well as doing home births. She is experienced in working with natural births, VBACs, inductions and same-sex couples.

Jules believes her key role is to uphold what is important to you and your partner. She views birth as a normal life experience and believes in women’s bodies and their ability to birth – and she aims to pass on that trust and confidence.

Working on a practical, physical and emotional level, Jules uses a wide range of skills and techniques in response to you and your baby’s needs.

The Doula Support package includes:

  • Support during your pregnancy
  • 2­–3 antenatal visits, including a Birth Preferences meeting
  • On-call for a 4-week period ­(2 weeks either side of your due date)
  • 24-hour availability and support throughout your labour
  • Access to resources and referrals to other health practitioners
  • 1 postnatal visit (extra support visits are available if needed)

According to a major review of randomised, controlled studies* having continuous support (such as from a Doula) means you will be:

  • 39% less likely to have a Caesarean
  • 35% less likely to have a negative birth experience
  • 15% more likely to have a spontaneous vaginal birth
  • Less likely to be given syntocinon
  • Less reliant on pain relief medication
  • More likely to have a shorter labour
  • Less likely to have an instrumental delivery

*National Partnership for Women & Families. Continuous Support for Women During Childbirth: 2017 Cochrane Review. J Perinat Educ 2018; 27 (4): 193–197.

We welcomed our daughter Laura into the world and had the most wonderful birth! We’re so grateful to Jules in her role as our Doula and truly feel like her presence at Laura’s birth made such a positive impact. 
My husband and I decided to work with a Doula primarily to have the advocacy support in the hospital system. We chose to work with Jules as she had so much experience and after meeting with her, we loved her energy and felt really confident knowing she would be in our corner.

Jules was absolutely fantastic in supporting me in my late pregnancy and birth. Any questions I had, Jules was available to answer with knowledge, warmth and compassion… which is exactly what you need when birth is a new experience for you! My husband also found having the extra support from Jules allowed him to stay more connected to me and it resulted in him being more present at Laura’s birth (and being able to focus on rubbing my back!)

Having Jules by your side for your birth journey is a wonderful and supportive experience that I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone.


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