Calmbirth® prepares you emotionally, mentally and physically for birth.

Jules offers three different types of Calmbirth® classes

Calmbirth® Workshops

Group Class

Join other couples as you learn how Calmbirth® can help you prepare mentally and physically for the birth process.

Calmbirth® One-on-One

Private Class

If you can’t make it to a Workshop, you and your partner can do a class in your own home via Zoom or at our studio.

Calmbirth® Refresher

Private Class

This is specially designed for anyone who’d like to refresh the skills they’ve learned at a previous Calmbirth® Workshop.

The breathing and relaxation techniques were so helpful and Damien understood the important role he played in the process. I can truly say I felt confident and calm throughout my birth and look back on it as being an amazing, life changing experience.

Kate, Damien and baby Max

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